About RK Outsourcing

We are the expert in providing Business Process Outsourcing Solutions to our business partners from a wide multitude of industries. Our main key areas of outsourcing services includes logistics support, customer services, HR services (such as processing of payroll) and IT outsourcing services.

We are also certificate with Bizsafe level 3, in reducing the risk of workers being injured at work place

“The Right Outsourcing”

Our Main Services

Logistics Service Outsourcing

We provide skilled and experienced warehouse workers including coordination and assistance to your operations ensuring the quality being met. We have a strong pool of databases to retain the required headcounts.

Customer Service Outsourcing

In this age of relationship marketing, it is vital to make every customer contact as positive and productive as possible.

We provide front and back end customer service solutions to our business partners, which enables them to focus on core areas of their business while concentrating on its long-term, strategic processes.

HR Shared Services / Payroll Outsourcing

Your business is about Customers, not Payroll and HR duties. By outsourcing your payroll and HR administration to RK, your HR team is able to focus on improving rather than managing existing business operations.

We provide

  • 360 Work Pass Services (EP, SP, WP)
    With our expertise, we are able to increase the chances of getting the pass approved.
  • Payroll Services
    With our expertise, we are able to provide customised payroll solutions to fit our client’s business model.